A Special Holiday Kit

Tool kits, sewing kits, First-Aid kits…how about gymnastics kits? Ok, of all those kits, the First-Aid one is probably the most crucial, but who wants to unwrap a First-Aid kit as a gift?! As you think about gifts for the kids and grandkids this year, consider a kit that will make their eyes pop: a gymnastics kit.

Our gymnastics kits are made to be everything your young gymnast needs to practice his gymnastics skills at home. A large, thick tumbling mat will give him safe, supportive space to show off at home what he learned in class. A balance beam that sits flat on the ground and only rises a few inches into the air can give a tumbler or beginning gymnast that little boost of confidence as they practice, knowing they don’t have far to fall if they do misstep. And our cheese mats, or incline mats, are perfect to help the really young ones learn forward rolls and practice gross motor control, and are excellent tools for the older ones to work on back hand springs and bridges. Put the three together and you have a gymnastics kit that will be used for years and years.

Lest you begin to think a gymnastics kit will necessitate an addition to the house, be assured the tumbling mats, the incline mat, and the balance beam all fold up! Depending on the size of your gymnastics kit (we offer three to fit your gymnast), the components fold in half or in thirds to accommodate the space you have. Fair warning: once the kids get these things out, there is the distinct possibility they may never *not* be in use!

Finally, and perhaps the most important thing to a parent, the gymnastics kits are made of superior quality materials with professional stitching so you don’t have to worry about them tearing or ripping. They can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth – never use harsh chemicals – and air-dried. All in all, our gymnastics kits are about as safe, easily maintained, and best-loved gift you could ever give.

Say “Happy Holidays” with a gift that will encourage a healthy lifestyle for years and years by giving a top quality gymnastics kit this year.