A Superhero Holiday

If your kids are waaaaay into superheroes and fairytale princesses, the natural choice for a holiday gift is a set of their own martial arts mats. We know what you’re thinking: “Huh?!” But if you look at the homepage of our website, you’ll see that Disney and Warner Brothers studios are two of our customers! Sure you could go the traditional route of a couple of action figures and maybe a tiara or two, but everybody does that. And you’re not everybody. You want your kids to have active, healthy lifestyles, so while catering to their superhero/princess obsession, you can give them something that will help them play the part of their heroes in a safe environment.

Martial arts mats are designed to absorb impact, of which, as we all know, childhood is full. How many bumps and bruises, maybe even stitches, have your kids experienced trying to leap over a building in a single bound? A thick, shock-absorbing set of martial arts mats can give them a safe surface on which to imagine, pretend, take risks, and still be mobile at the end of the day. The EVA foam from which the mats are made is the same material their summertime flip-flops are made from, so the feel will already be familiar to them. The mats themselves have ridges on the surface, so the kiddos will have better traction (every princess needs traction), and a more secure place from which to launch their feats of derring-do.

Of course, if your child is already engaged in a martial arts practice at a studio with a qualified instructor, martial arts mats at home will be the best holiday gift ever. They’ll feel like they have their own practice studio right at home. They can practice safely between classes with your supervision and their progress will likely accelerate. Since you can install the mats in just minutes yourself (or maybe with the kids’ help), it will be a gift they can start using immediately. The mats are easy to sweep off and wipe down and will provide that safe surface maybe as long as your kid loves superheroes!

Turn your little ones into real-life superheroes this holiday season with their own set of martial arts mats. No dangerous spider bites or Amazon birthrights required.