An Unbeatable Combination: Martial Arts and Yoga

martial artist meditating

If the marriage of yoga and martial arts sounds odd to you, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to find you weren’t alone. But increasingly, students of martial arts are finding that a regular yoga practice not only increases their strength and balance, but helps channel their point of focus more keenly.

Many young students of martial arts get into the sport for reasons like increased strength, cool fighting moves, and self-defense. But instructors and students alike are finding value in training the mind as well as the body with instruction in yoga. Martial arts can be a great outlet for young, energetic kids, but if the mental discipline is not applied, the sport can become aggressive and misused.

If you want to begin a practice in your home, the good news is that with some textured Tatami martial arts mats, you’ll have the perfect space to begin. You can always take classes in yoga at a gym, from a private instructor, or, if you’re lucky, from the highly qualified martial arts instructor who has learned the benefit of yoga. Our martial arts and yoga mats will get you situated in the most comfortable and supportive environment you can be in to focus your mind and body on a great workout.

Now, some successful practitioners suggest keeping the practices segregated; do a karate class, then a yoga class, then some meditation. But whether you incorporate yoga directly into your martial arts workout, like Budokon, or simply add yoga to your weekly routine, you’ll find that a sharper focus comes to your workout, and potentially to your life.

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