At-Home Exercise Mats

woman exercising at home

There are lots of at-home exercise programs out there right now like P90X® and Insanity® that have the potential to get you seriously fit, if you take it seriously! If you’re ready to get started on a home exercise program, we have the perfect high-density, anti-fatigue mats for you!In any workout environment, whether it’s your bedroom, basement, or your local fitness center, you need to be able to count on the fact that the floor will be a help, not a hindrance to your workout. Sounds kind of unimportant, but the surface on which you work out will determine how safe your workout will be, how long you’ll be able to workout, and how comfortable you’ll be while you’re doing it. We Sell Mats’ 1/2″ or 3/4″ foam mats will take all the abuse high-impact workouts can dish out, plus provide enough cushioning that you’ll have the energy to keep going.

Anti-fatigue is definitely a quality our mats have in spades, but equally important is the fact that they provide exactly the right amount of stability. If a mat is too soft, you trip and are injured more easily. If it’s too hard, you don’t get the benefit of shock absorption. You could say our mats are the Baby Bear of workout mats: juuuuuust right. A thick, high-density foam is going to provide you with stability, shock-absorbtion, and prevent premature fatigue during your workout.

Now you might be tempted to throw some of these awesome mats down over the carpet in your bedroom or living room to create a little workout space. Please don’t. You wouldn’t drive a Maserati across a frozen lake, so don’t put the mats on a surface which has no friction to hold them in place. Find a bare spot of wood or cement flooring and put the mats there. The mats will remain in place and stable during all your high-intensity activities.

Not too hard, not too soft – we’re pretty sure Goldilocks would have picked our mats. You should, too!