Be Their Guide at the Next Trade Show

People attend trade shows for a reason. Maybe it’s just curiosity, maybe they’re in the market for something specific, maybe they really don’t know what they want. Your role as a guide in their adventure to the trade exhibition is crucial to your success and their happiness. Here’s how  to be a memorable part of their experience at the show.

Imagine your booth and your staff energized and ready to take on the world (well, at least the part that show up at the trade show), because EVA foam mats under the booth give it an air of authenticity and gives your staffers comfort and eagerness. The booth itself will attract passersby (we don’t want them to pass, we want them to stop!), and your energetic staff will be ready to help them discern what their needs are and suggest your product or service as part of the answer to their needs.

Sure, foam mats might seem like a small part of the equation, but they go a long way toward ensuring people are attracted to your booth (“Is that real hardwood?”), choose to stop and stay (“This is foam! It feels great!”), and discover you have what they’ve been looking for, whether they knew it or not. That’s a big role for a little old EVA foam mat!

Our Classic Oak mats are the most popular mat for trade show participants, and with good reason. In no particular order, they are elegant and lend an air of sophistication and professionalism, they’re more affordable than any other flooring, they’re absolutely the most comfortable flooring solution for trade shows out there, so your staff will be comfortable right up to the end, they clean easily, are installed in a matter of minutes with interlocking tabs, and come apart just as easily to be put into a convenient shoulder bag to be taken home at the end of the show. Too good to be true? Nope! Read some of our reviews from folks who’ve used them at trade shows and you’ll see we’ve earned our bragging rights!

Your next trade show could make you and your company the best thing that ever happened to your potential customers all with the addition of some affordable, classy EVA foam mats.