Beginner or Not, Here’s Your Best Yoga Mat

Whether you’re new to the practice or have been doing yoga since the ’60s, the best yoga mat (and the last one) you’ll ever use is the Manduka Pro yoga mat. We get to make this outrageous claim because we use these mats ourselves and can attest to the fact that they meet all the needs any kind of yogi will have.

Yoga mats come in all sizes, thicknesses, colors, and textures, but what really matters is how that yoga mat will meet your needs. Manduka Pro yoga mats offer padding, support and stability, textured surface area for traction, and a rich palette of hues and patterns to appeal to the soul. The best way to make sure your yoga mat gets used frequently is to make sure it’s a mat that appeals to you, that makes you actually look forward to spending time on it. And the Manduka Pro will do that for you as soon as you unroll it for the first time.

The Manduka Pro yoga mat is 6mm thick, twice the thickness of the standard yoga mats you might find available to you at the gym (minus all the germs). But don’t let the softness fool you; the structure of the mat offers superior support during difficult balancing poses so you don’t nose dive on your first attempt. Yoga mats are, well, a balancing act when it comes to the ratio of padding and stability, but the Manduka Pro has mastered this challenge. The fabric-like surface finish offers both ease of movement between poses as well as traction for when you really need to stick a pose. So not only do you have comfort for seated postures and those nasty ones on your knees, you have unwavering stability in the standing and balancing poses. Not many mats can offer that kind of equilibrium.

Perhaps the best thing that comes with a Manduka Pro yoga mat is the Lifetime Guarantee from the manufacturer. If they are so confident in their product that they’ll guarantee its performance for life, you can be confident you’re getting the best yoga mat out there. When you handle the yoga mat appropriately, it can actually get better with age. It’s almost like it gets used to you as you use it more and more. We’re not saying it will roll itself out for you each morning, but pretty close. The more you use it, the more comfortable you’ll become with it. Pretty soon, you’re not even thinking about your mat or your level of comfort or discomfort, but only about your practice. It’s a dang good yoga mat that can do that!

Manduka Pro yoga mats are exactly the right choice whether you’re a seasoned yogi or someone embarking anew on the yoga journey. Make sure you have the best of what you need before you begin – grab a Manduka Pro yoga mat and you’ll never regret it.