Best Flooring for Trade Shows

Presentation is everything. You could have a top-of-the-line product, but if you can’t make it look like the one thing your customer’s can’t live without, it’s worth about as much as the dirt beneath your feet. If you’re honest, what’s beneath your feet at a trade show can actually boost the appeal of your product. How? So glad you asked.

Say you (a customer) approach a booth at a trade show and see the folks staffing it draped over folding chairs looking miserable. They’ve been on their feet all day on the concrete convention floor and they’re wiped. But that’s not what your brain registers. What you see are sales reps who don’t look interested in or excited about their product. You move on to the next booth. At this booth, you step from the hard concrete floor onto a soft, relaxing surface (is that wood grain??) and are greeted by sales people who look like they’ve just had the best day of their lives and are absolutely┬ádying to introduce you to the product of the century. Hmmm…

The difference should be obvious. The flooring makes all the difference, both in the aesthetic appeal of the product you’re selling and in the way your sales force presents themselves at the trade show booth. has been proudly selling the absolute best foam mats for trade shows for years. With varying colors and finishes, sets of varying sizes, and the option to ask for a free sample, you can choose exactly what you need to make your booth stand out from the herd at the next trade show.

Want a red carpet runway a la Oscars® to make your product the star? Check out our interlocking carpet top foam mats. For a truly elegant look that distinguishes itself from the gray cement of the other booths, take a look at our wood grain foam mats. Not sure which would be the best to make your booth really fly? Order a free sample! And to make sure you get the best price on your order, Like us on facebook for a 5% discount.

Save your feet. Save your money. Make our lightweight, easily assembled foam mats an integral part of your trade show appearances and watch the buyers come running!

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