Better Sales at the Trade Show

Your trade show booth’s floor might not be the first thing you think of when you try to imagine how to improve your trade show experience, but it can go miles for you in terms of attracting new customers to your booth. The right flooring system can make you and your staffers feel more energized, make your customers feel more welcomed, and give your product the backdrop it needs to really stand out.

With some solid color multi-purpose EVA foam trade show booth floor mats, your trade show booth can really pop in a sea of mundane and competing booths. Lots of vendors will simply set up their booth on the existing venue flooring, which is both unattractive and uncomfortable. But when you set up on a floor that complements the colors of your business and offers an anti-fatigue surface from which to function during the exhibition, you’re one step ahead of those other vendors. Framing your product in the themed colors of your business is just like adding the perfect matting and frame to a favorite photograph; it augments the beauty and serves to bring focus to it.

Carpet topped EVA foam mats and faux wood grain mats can do the same thing for your trade show booth while offering the unique look and feel of both carpet and hardwood flooring. The EVA foam absorbs shock and the carpet top provides warmth, while the wood grain offers up that classic look of expensive hardwood. Both options provide comfort for customers who’ve been walking around on that hard concrete surface, and both will make those customers feel cared for and appreciated. And those staffers who provide customer service at your booth will appreciate the anti-fatigue qualities of the EVA foam, whether in solid colors, carpet tops, or wood grain varieties.

To grab new prospects and turn them into loyal customers at your next trade exhibition, boost your booth’s appeal with some EVA foam flooring mats. Your experience and bottom line will both improve, and you’ll have some comfortable customers to rely on for years to come.