Better Wintertime Play Areas

One of the challenges of parenting with active kids comes in the winter months, when so much more time is spent inside. More noise, more messes, and more energy exerted within the house can be a recipe for disaster, and it’s not the easiest thing in the world to contain. Though the digital era has moved many kids indoors for entertainment, the cold does that even better. But putting some EVA floor mats in the playroom can serve you in a few different ways, and there’s nobody better equipped to give you a hand with that than We Sell Mats!

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, hard floors get damaged in play areas. That’s bad news for folks who rent or are looking to move or resell in the future. We like to think we’re pretty good about keeping prices low, but it should go without saying that a couple of floor mats are going to cost way, way less than replacing floors of any kind. Better still, the interlocking tiles are easy to pick up and move around, so if the play area is a temporary setup, or if it comes time to move, getting the floor back to its original state is a quick, easy process.

More importantly though, a softer floor in a play area is best for the kids. It’ll make the inevitable tumbles and spills of youth that much less painful, and on top of that, they’re easy to clean and water and chemical-proof. Play area mats maximize play time and minimize distractions and accidents. There’s a lot to love about EVA, so if you’re on the fence, we say go for it. It’s one of those little investments that will save you and the little ones many, many headaches in the future. Send us an email or give us a phone call if you’ve got any questions!