Block Your Knitting Projects with EVA Foam Mats

Knitting square

We’re often amazed at some of the creative uses our customers come up with for the ever-versatile EVA foam mats, not the least of which is blocking for knitting projects! Perhaps inspired by some commercially produced blocking boards that are designed in similar fashion to the EVA mats, some crafty (in more ways than one!) mat purchasers figured out that our EVA mats make great blocking boards, partly due to their low cost, but also because they’re free of markings and pre-measured guidelines. With a clean slate, you can make your own markings and templates for your own personal projects.

That’s especially handy if you have a knitted item that you love and want to recreate or emulate, but it’s not created to easily calculated dimensions. It’s as easy as tracing the object, and this route can also save you a little cash on knitting boards that have markings you aren’t going to use in the first place.

Of course, if you do just need a general-purpose knitting board, just grab an EVA mat, a permanent marker, and a ruler, measuring stick or tape measurer. In ten minutes, you can make the measured markings yourself. Need circular markings? No problem – grab some string and a pencil. Stick the pencil’s point in the middle, measure the string out to the desired radius, tie the marker onto the other end of it, and draw the circle using the string to keep the marker at a constant distance from the pencil. A few of us may owe our high school geometry teachers an apology. Turns out it’s actually pretty useful.

If you’ve used our EVA mats as a blocking board, (or plan to!) post a picture of your project on our Facebook page – we’d love to see it! If you’re not already following us on Facebook, now is a great time to start – you’ll get a 5% discount on every order, and you’ll be the first to know about discounts and sales, and even the occasional giveaway!