Boost Business with Carpet and Wood Grain Mats

Customers at trade show

Our interlocking foam mats make everything more comfortable, including the hours you spend on your feet at trade shows. But not only do our anti-fatigue mats keep you energized till the end of the day, they are so attractive that they can actually help draw customers! Trade shows are your opportunity to put your product or service out there in a unique setting with a captive audience. The trouble is, your audience might walk right on past you if your booth isn’t eye-catching or if the person staffing it is sitting in a metal folding chair rubbing his feet. Our 3/8″ EVA foam carpet top and faux wood grain mats can solve both those problems. In a sea of concrete flooring, your booth will really pop with an attractive surface that people will assume is hardwood. “How did they get a wood floor in here?!” They’ll think that until they step on it. Then watch the smiles come! Firm with just the right amount of give – they’ll be really surprised! You’ve made them comfortable, so now it’s time to talk to these happy people about your product!

If you had been standing on hard concrete all day and a potential customer, happy or otherwise, approached your booth, are you going to look and feel energized and ready to engage them or are you already thinking about your bed or a hot bath? With 3/8″ of EVA foam under your feet, your body won’t be reeling from stress on your feet, knees, and back. You’ll be able to stay your enthusiastic and charming self from open to close!

As many of our customers have said, carpet top and wood grain mats are home runs at trade shows. They’re easy to put together, disassemble, clean, store, and transport. Check out some of the reviews of our carpet top and wood grain mats. Once you hear what our customers have to say, you’ll be convinced this is the way to go for your next trade show. Our outstanding customer service folks are eagerly waiting to help you place your order if you need it, and can answer any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to give us a call – and get ready to get a leg up on your competition at the next trade show!