Boost Your Booth

We’ll concede that your trade show booth flooring might not be the first thing people notice when they approach your booth…but it should be!! Ok, maybe your product or service should be the first thing they notice, but having an attractive, color-coordinated, and soft floor beneath your entire operation will be a real hook once it’s installed. Just read some of our customer reviews from businesses people who’ve used them at trade shows. Whether you choose to color coordinate your floor with multi-purpose mats, go for the classy look with some faux wood grain mats, or keep it soft and understated with some carpet top mats, you can’t go wrong with EVA foam as your trade show booth’s floor.

How can EVA foam boost your trade show booth experience? Let’s start with you. You’re a crucial component of your business’ success at the trade show. Your physical comfort and energy level will inevitably determine how you are perceived and whether customers will want to have a conversation with you. With 3/8″ or more of soft, anti-fatigue EVA foam under your feet, you’re more likely to be comfortable and have the stamina to last the whole day. Your joints won’t ache as much, your feet won’t hurt as much (unless you’re one of those people who wears heels all the time, in which case you definitely need EVA mats!), and the rest of your self-presentation will reflect this. People will notice.

In tangible terms, EVA foam mats¬†enhance the appearance of your booth and provide your potential customers with a really nice place to land. The mats themselves are easy to transport because they’re only 24″ square, and can be stacked on top of each other, put in a convenient shoulder bag¬†for transporting, and require only minutes to assemble. They can be assembled in just about any configuration a venue may throw at you; you can’t say that about carpet! If a mat ever becomes damaged, just pop it out, replace with an extra, and you’re good to go. (Carpet…you get the idea). Cleaning the mats couldn’t be easier. Sweep, wipe down if necessary, and you’re done.

Time to turn up the trade show game; order some EVA foam mats today (if you’re not sure how many you need, give our super-hero-customer-service folks a call), and be confidant and prepared for your next trade show exhibition.