Brace Yourselves…A Good Workout is Coming

Whether you’re wielding a broadsword or a pair of 2# hand weights, what’s beneath your feet is critical. A lack of support, grip, or balance (you know…bracing) could mean the end of the workout, or worse, a serious injury.

The flooring in your gym, club, or home workout space has to find that perfect balance between support and give. Heavy-duty weight machines and constant traffic will take a toll on any flooring, but moderate daily use will also have an effect. The flooring must be resilient, easy to clean, and able to handle the long-term wear-and tear. But at the same time, it’s got to provide a cushioned feel for a number of reasons. Winter may be coming, but it’s the fall you need to worry about. Any accident in a gym setting is one to take seriously, and a slippery surface is going compound the possibility of injury. One fall is all it takes to put a serious damper on any workout. And if you’re a small business, protecting your customers while they work out is not only an issue of safety for them, but for you as well.

We’ve got workout mats for any situation that will provide stability, support, functionality, and just the right amount of give. Our home gym flooring is attractive, easily assembled and disassembled, simple to clean, and is made to last a lifetime. For the gym owner, only the seriously heavy duty stuff will do, and we’ve got that too. Our commercial flooring tiles are made from recycled rubber and their non-slip surface (even if they’re wet) makes them perfect for high traffic use.

Give us a call – our knowledgeable and friendly customer support team can help you determine exactly what you need for the space you have in mind. We’ll even send you a sample so you can be sure you’re choosing the right floor for your needs. We aim to be the best place on the web to get home and commercial gym flooring with top-quality products and unsurpassed customer support. Give us a try and you’ll see why We Sell Mats is the only place you’ll ever need to shop.