Bring the Martial Arts to Your Home

For those of you wishing you could continue your martial arts practice even after you leave the studio, we have good news: martial arts mats for your home are high-quality, easily installed, and simple to maintain when you buy them from We Sell Mats.

Happily, you can have the same quality martial arts mats for your home practice as you have at the studio. Our tatami finish martial arts mats have a ribbed texture, so you can easily gain traction and secure positioning for your workout. No worries about slipping or sliding. The mats come in different thicknesses and sizes, too, so you can get the set that’s going to meet your needs perfectly. And if a mat ever becomes damaged, you can simply replace that single mat. No need to replace the whole floor. But we have to say, damaged mats are few and far between, because the quality of our mats is top-notch and they are designed to last for years.

To install your martial arts mats at home, all you have to be able to do is put a simple puzzle together. Not a puzzle like the mirrored reflection of Mt. Everest, but a puzzle that has identical pieces – where you can’t go wrong. Each mat has puzzle-piece-like tabs that fit together securely and quickly to cover the area you choose. You may want to put some carpet tape on the underside of the seams for added protection from slipping and separation. But chances are, you can have your home martial arts studio ready in less than thirty minutes.

When it’s time to clean your martial arts mats, it’s so easy you could have the kids do it (especially if they use the mats, too!). Just sweep off any dust and debris, then mop or wipe down with some water and maybe a little mild detergent. The mats will dry by themselves and won’t lose any of their traction or density in the process.


Give us a call to order your martial arts mats today, or do it online. If you have questions, our customer service people are absolutely the best. You simply won’t find better assistance anywhere. Wander through our martial arts mats selection, then choose your mats and be on your way to an extended martial arts practice at home.