Building a Home Gym

A simple home gym can be your ticket to a healthier lifestyle. The convenience of a home gym might just be what you need to make sure you’re staying active. It’s not that hard to put one together – just a few essential components are really necessary and you can build up from there as your fitness goals change.Let’s start with cardio. Can you go for a run where you live? Is it likely that you will? Then don’t waste money on a cardio machine. Get outside and get some vitamin D! But if you live in an area that’s not conducive to running or walking, you might have to take the plunge and invest in some kind of cardio equipment. Be honest with yourself: which cardio workout will you really do? Are you a runner or a walker? Treadmills come in all shapes and sizes – choose the one that’s going to meet your fitness goals. Is impact an issue for your joints? You might want to consider an elliptical machine or a stationary bike. Or maybe you really want to “feel the burn!” Grab a stair machine and start climbing! (Hint: there are millions of dollars worth of used cardio machines out there – look for used machines first and you’ll save a bundle!)

Okay, the weights. If you’re into lifting and seriously want to strengthen the bod, you’ve got to go for the barbells. They’ll last forever (no bands to break, no cables to fray), they’re versatile (use the plates for sit-ups and other exercises), and they’ve got the heavy poundage when you’re ready for it. The only drawback here is that if you want to bench or squat, you’ll need a spotter. If that’s not a possibility, you’ll have to invest in a power rack. This might end up being the priciest piece in your home gym, but it’s the only safe way to do lifts that would otherwise require a spotter.

Dumbbells? Absolutely – with a caveat. Fixed weight dumbbells and easy to use, but once you’ve moved past a poundage, those bells are just going to sit there unused. If your fitness goals include a progressive increase in weights used, consider the adjustable dumbbells. They do require a little more work, but you’ll always have exactly the weight you need and you’ll never “outgrow” a weight.

Need a bench? Probably – although for some workouts that aren’t going to involve a lot of heavy lifting, you might get by without one. If you do take the plunge, look for an adjustable bench for incline, flat, and decline uses. If you’re doing lower weight workouts and only want the bench occasionally, you could get away with using an exercise ball. These babies are great for core workouts, too.

The last component goes without saying – mats!! If you’re going to work out at home, you’ve got to take care of yourself as well as a gym would. Safety, safety, safety! No matter the size of your home gym, We Sell Mats has the right configuration of EVA foam fitness mats to give you support and provide cushioning at the same time. Determine your space and then let us help you choose the right mats for the job. Your home gym won’t cost a fortune, but it will make you feel like a million bucks!