Carpet and Wood Grain Floor Mats

The applications of EVA foam mats are often quite obvious: gyms, personal fitness, martial arts, gymnastics, and children’s play areas. But there are other areas where a slightly different approach may be more aesthetically pleasing, more pragmatic, and even more profitable.Point of sale: if you’re in retail, you know the fatigue that can occur with standing on cement floors all day, even if they’ve got a commercial carpet or wood floor over the top of them. Cashiers especially have back, hip, and other joint problems from being tied to one spot for hours on end. For just pennies, you could have as little as 2 square feet of soft, supportive, anti-fatigue foam beneath your feet. Our carpet top mats behind or in front of the counter will evoke sighs of relief as as employees and shoppers alike feel the cool breeze of a cushioned floor greeting their tired feet. And if you’re really honest with yourself, you know that the folks manning the registers are the ones who make or break the relationships with customers.Keep those folks happy and the result will be better relationships with customers and better sales. You didn’t know 3/8″ of foam could do that for your business, did you?!

Trade shows: yeah, they’re great for business, even essential, but what they do to your feet and back! Now depending on what you’re marketing, we have two options that are sure-fire ways to draw folks to your booth and still manage to keep you energized and looking psyched about your product even at the end of the long day. A customer’s eyes are always drawn to the unique, and our wood grain floor mats connect easily to create a stunning floor that is guaranteed to look upscale and feel divine. For a truly red carpet feel, go with the carpet top style. You’re likely to find that our color selection will match your corporate brand perfectly.

Regardless of the commercial setting, EVA foam mats can make the sales experience more comfortable, more attractive, and maybe even more profitable. If you’d like a sample of our mats, just give us a shout. We’re happy to send you a free sample (with just a small shipping charge) so you can be confident in your selection.