Carpet Top Foam Mats – Perfect for the Basement

If you live anywhere in the country with basements, you know that water can be an issue. How do you make use of this space comfortably but not have to continuously replace carpet each time you get a little water in the basement? Carpet top EVA foam mats may just be the answer.Basements are great for so many uses: home workout spaces, playrooms, dens, family rooms, laundry facilities, and of course, storage. But basements are also notorious for wicking moisture from the ground around them, and even flooding in serious weather. So you can cross your fingers and hope that when you pay to have that nice carpet and padding installed over the concrete floor that everything stays dry. Or you can install a flooring system you’ll never have to worry about. Hmmm…which to choose??

Our carpet top foam mats can’t be beat for basements. First of all, they require absolutely no adhesive or padding underneath, which means that if you have to take them up for whatever reason, you can do it easily and then just as easily reinstall them. Their interlocking tabs make a secure fit and facilitate removal when necessary. The carpet top makes any room feel just a bit cozier, and brings warmth and acoustic control to your basement. Choose from eight dynamic and long-lasting colors to make your basement comfortable, warm, and inviting.

So what exactly happens when the foam tiles get wet? Just like picking a door mat up, you simply let them dry, make sure the surface beneath them is dry, and then replace. They’ll fit back together snugly no matter how many times you move them around.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on basement carpet and installation that will need to be replaced if basement moisture or flooding becomes a problem. Go with our soft, cost-effective, and easily maintained carpet top mats for your basement.