Warm Up the Business with EVA Foam

With temperatures in the nose-hair freezing range in much of the country, you might consider some toasty carpet topped mats to warm your business space up a bit. The mats do actually act like a light layer of insulation, but more than that, they provide the cozy feeling of carpet without the royal pain carpeting in a business can be. Continue reading “Warm Up the Business with EVA Foam”

EVA Foam Is All Business

In a matter of minutes, you can install some EVA foam flooring mats in your business space, whether in retail areas for customers, in office space, or behind check-out counters for the benefit of those well-deserving employees. You’ll improve morale, the comfort of your customers, and even warm up the space a little, depending on the type of mats you choose. And therein lies your problem: there are so many great styles of EVA foam mats to choose from, you’ll probably spend more time deciding which to order than you will actually installing them. Not a bad problem to have! Continue reading “EVA Foam Is All Business”

You Can’t Lose With EVA Foam

With the simple addition of some EVA foam trade show booth flooring mats, you can give your trade show booth a facelift, make customers more comfortable, and keep your staff performing at the top of their game. Yep, all with just a new floor. And the cherry on top is that it won’t cost a fortune! Continue reading “You Can’t Lose With EVA Foam”

Premium Carpet-top Mats for Your Business

Waiting rooms can be some of the most uncomfortable places to be, but with some Premium Carpet-top EVA foam mats, you can enhance your customers’ experience from the ground up. Maybe your office area is in need of a little TLC – warm it up and keep that professional look with the same richly colored EVA foam mats. Giving the business a quick and gorgeous makeover has never been simpler or more cost-effective. Continue reading “Premium Carpet-top Mats for Your Business”

The Story of Your Trade Show Booth

If your trade show booth floor tells the stories of a thousand exhibition hours through the inevitable medium of stains, it may be time to replace that sorry roll of carpet with some stain-resistant, padded, EVA foam flooring tiles. Now don’t go getting all nostalgic for those stains – they may be stories to you, but to your potential customers, they’re just stains. Continue reading “The Story of Your Trade Show Booth”

EVA Foam Flooring Mats for Your Business

Some of our most appreciative customers are those who have purchased our EVA foam mats for their businesses. Why so appreciative? Simple: EVA foam adds support, shock-absorption, and comfort to the business day. Whether you use them in a food prep area (standing in one spot is super tough on the joints), behind the counter, or even at the trade show, you’ll find that the level of comfort you experience will keep you energized longer, and that means better sales and a better bottom line. Continue reading “EVA Foam Flooring Mats for Your Business”

What Would You Change About Your Trade Show Booth?

If you could change anything about your trade show booth to make it better, would you choose some high-quality, attractive trade show flooring mats? In our humble opinion, that’s exactly what you should choose, and we’ll tell you why: you want to improve your presence at the trade show, and an attractive, anti-fatigue flooring system is just the ticket to bring more customers to your booth and keep you energized and performing at the top of your game all day long. Continue reading “What Would You Change About Your Trade Show Booth?”

Wood Grain Trade Show Booth Flooring

It’s really become less surprising over the months how many of our business customers love our wood grain mats for their trade show booths. Reading some of the reviews written by those of you who’ve used them in your booths, well, it makes us blush just a little. We’re happy you’re so satisfied with the wood grain mats’ appearance and performance. And for those of you shopping for some good trade show booth flooring, let us introduce you to the gorgeous addition we can make to your trade show booth. Continue reading “Wood Grain Trade Show Booth Flooring”