A Superhero Holiday

If your kids are waaaaay into superheroes and fairytale princesses, the natural choice for a holiday gift is a set of their own martial arts mats. We know what you’re thinking: “Huh?!” But if you look at the homepage of our website, you’ll see that Disney and Warner Brothers studios are two of our customers! Sure you could go the traditional route of a couple of action figures and maybe a tiara or two, but everybody does that. And you’re not everybody. You want your kids to have active, healthy lifestyles, so while catering to their superhero/princess obsession, you can give them something that will help them play the part of their heroes in a safe environment. Continue reading “A Superhero Holiday”

Tatami Finish Martial Arts Mats Just for You

Designating a martial arts practice space in your home with the installation of some Tatami finish martial arts mats is so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago. To get the most out of your martial arts classes at the studio, you need to practice at home, and having your own martial arts studio, no matter how big or small, is affordable, easy to install, and will help you progress much faster. Continue reading “Tatami Finish Martial Arts Mats Just for You”

Encouraging Self-Defense

Aside from teaching your kids how to avoid bullying and other trouble in the first place, providing them with a space at home to practice martial arts, complete with a padded floor of martial arts mats, is a great first step toward keeping theme safe and helping them to feel confident. And confidence is one of the best antidotes to bullying. Continue reading “Encouraging Self-Defense”

They’re Ribbed for a Reason

Finding purchase on a martial arts mat is critical, so our Tatami finish martial arts mats have the ribbed texture similar to the original tatami rice straw mats used by the original martial artists. The textured surface of the supportive and shock-absorbing martial arts mats plays a crucial part in keeping you safe while you practice, whether at home in your own martial arts practice area or in a studio outfitted with Jumbo martial arts mats. Continue reading “They’re Ribbed for a Reason”

Choose the Best Martial Arts Mats

What do you see when you look at the martial arts mats in the studio where you take classes? Thin, slippery, and injury-inviting mats? Probably not. If you’re at a good studio, you see amply thick, sturdy, shock-absorbing martial arts mats that stay in place. If you’re really lucky, the martial arts mats are textured to provide extra traction. Many of our martial arts mats customers owns studios and use our martial arts mats to cover their floors. Here’s why you should follow their lead. Continue reading “Choose the Best Martial Arts Mats”

Martial Arts Studio Practice At Home

Why bother installing martial arts flooring mats at home if you have a great studio at which to practice? If you are browsing our website, you obviously know why, but let us help just a bit. How many days of practice does it take for something to become a habit? Grandma would tell you thirty. It is not a magic number, but the point is that the more regularly you do something, the more likely you are to stick with it. Sure, once or twice a week at the studio with an experienced instructor is essential, but think about bringing that home, as it were, to your own home martial arts studio.  Continue reading “Martial Arts Studio Practice At Home”

Creating the Perfect Home Martial Arts Studio

With nothing more than some supportive, cushioned tatami finish martial arts mats, you can create a safe space in your home for a good martial arts practice or workout. Aside from hiring a professional teacher, there is really no other addition you need to make to ensure that your home practice area is safe for your extended practice. Bring what you’ve learned home from your studio or gym, and keep it going in safety. Continue reading “Creating the Perfect Home Martial Arts Studio”

A Lifetime of Safety on Martial Arts Mats

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned martial artist or a kid just embarking on the path, if you don’t have quality martial arts mats to practice on, you’re putting yourself in jeopardy. You probably do martial arts for a number of reasons, one of which is to maintain an active lifestyle. How do you make sure you can continue this routine for a lifetime? You do everything you can to make sure you stay injury-free, and that means using the right equipment, like tatami finish martial arts mats.  Continue reading “A Lifetime of Safety on Martial Arts Mats”