Overstock Discount on 1.5-inch Blue 5×10 Mats

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then we do get over-stocked on an item. If you’re in the market for a tumbling mat, now you can save $20 off the regular price of our 1.5-inch thick Blue 5×10 tumbling mats!

How to Get the Discount:

Simply add the item to your cart, and enter the code BLUE20 in the ‘Discount Codes’ field. Overstock discounts like this one are extremely rare, so don’t miss your opportunity to save big on a big mat!

This discount is only available while supplies last, and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Now Accepting Apple Pay on WeSellMats.com

Did you know that over half of the visits to WeSellMats.com happen on a mobile device, and over 60% of those visits happen on an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad? To better serve our visitors, we are pleased to announce that we now offer support for Apple Pay, allowing visitors to check out easily on their Apple device without ever having to pull out their wallet.

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Make Your Store Better with EVA Foam Mats

You know that feeling after a long day working sales in retail where you finally sit down and take your shoes off and you’re… actually totally comfortable and not utterly exhausted and your feet aren’t even remotely sore? We do. You don’t? That’s because your floors aren’t covered with foam mats. Very simple problem, very common, but fantastically easy to correct, and it just happens to be that you’re looking at the website of the #1 floor mat sales site on the internets. Read on and learn a little bit about the different kinds of mats you can use to soothe your disquieted sole. Ehem. Soles. Continue reading “Make Your Store Better with EVA Foam Mats”

101 Uses for Commercial PVC Floor Tiles

warehouse exam room fitness center and garage

Did that say “101?” It’s supposed to be “10.1.” You know, like a Letterman Top 10 List, only with just a little bit more. What is PVC, you ask? It’s a heavy duty, unusually resilient synthetic plastic polymer. In fact, it’s so resilient, you can park cars, tractors, warehouse shelving, or even multiple sets of barbells and weight machines on it. This is the flooring that can take it all. Continue reading “101 Uses for Commercial PVC Floor Tiles”

Starting the Business Year Off Right

Retail worker with sore feet from standing all day.

Everyone has made personal New Year’s Resolutions (and probably regretted a few of them already), but have you ever considered a resolution for your business? Of course you want productivity and revenue up, but what specifically can you do to see that this happens? Making your business stand out from others is a good way to start and we’re here to help. Continue reading “Starting the Business Year Off Right”

Be There – Or Your Competition Will

Have you ever done a trade show – you know, those big expos at the civic center or university auditorium where you set up your little folding table, your product display, maybe a banner, and then hope like heck some people stop and ask you about your product? Might seem like a lot of work for a questionable return, but the fact is, if you don’t show up, your competition who does show up will make the contacts and get the business.  We’re here to increase your odds. Though you might think WeSellMats is in the business of selling mats (oh…um – yeah, we are, but…), we’re also in the business of helping you improve your business! Continue reading “Be There – Or Your Competition Will”

Faux Wood Grain and Carpet Top Foam Flooring for Your Business

A good business owner is always on the lookout for ways to make a product or service more attractive. And part of what makes customers choose to buy something is the experience they have in doing so. Displays, lighting, atmosphere, and customer service all play important roles in selling a product, but did you ever stop to consider that the flooring you and your customers are walking on might have something to do with it, too? Continue reading “Faux Wood Grain and Carpet Top Foam Flooring for Your Business”