Warm, Safe, Comfortable Play Spaces

Keeping the kids safe while they play may seem like an impossible task sometimes, but with EVA foam multi-purpose mats in their play space at home, you you’ll have a little more peace of mind that you’ve done everything you can. We’re not saying the mats will prevent every childhood injury, but the shock-absorbing nature of the mats definitely makes little tumbles and falls less threatening. Continue reading “Warm, Safe, Comfortable Play Spaces”

The Trade Show Booth Conversation

Your trade show both flooring might not be the most interesting topic of conversation, but if you consider enhancing your booth’s appearance with some EVA foam multi-purpose mats or some elegant and classy wood grain foam mats, it just might become something that has a genuinely positive impact on your business. And that’s worth a conversation. Continue reading “The Trade Show Booth Conversation”

Multi-purpose Mats Find Another Use!

What do knitting, cosplay, and rabbit agility courses have in common? We Sell Mats’ EVA foam multi-purpose mats, naturally! Even though many of our customers use the mats for flooring purposes, at which the mats excel, many more truly imaginative customers have found different uses for the mats that meet their more creative needs. Continue reading “Multi-purpose Mats Find Another Use!”

The Role Model’s Gymnastics Equipment

Every young gymnast has a hero or role model to look up to, so wouldn’t you be the coolest parent in the world if you surprised your kid with some Nastia Liukin gymnastics equipment to use at home? It’s possible! We carry Nastia’s signature line of equipment from tumbling mats to balance beams, and even a preschool-sized training bar. Your tumbler will shriek with excitement when the package arrives; what a testament to your encouragement of their choice to participate in a truly great sport! Continue reading “The Role Model’s Gymnastics Equipment”

Back to School? Back to the Yoga Mat!

Does “back-to-school” for the kids mean “back-to-the-yoga-mat” for Mom or Dad? With the right yoga mat, getting back into the swing of a regular yoga practice is easy. Our yoga mats come in just about as many colors, designs, and thicknesses as is possible. We’re sure you’re going to find the one that suits you and your style perfectly as you get ready to add a little more “me time” to your busy schedule. Continue reading “Back to School? Back to the Yoga Mat!”

Exercise Mats for Physical Therapy

Everyone who has ever had to go to the physical therapist knows how painful, yet necessary PT can be, and doing it at home can be a real challenge – unless you happen to have some soft, supportive, and accessible exercise mats to make the hard work bearable. Recovery happens faster if you stick to your PT plan, and having a way to do it at home increases the number of opportunities you have to do it successfully, seven days a week. Continue reading “Exercise Mats for Physical Therapy”

The Best Exercise Mat for Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is about the easiest home workout you can do, especially when you have our fitness mats to back you up. If you are not looking to become the world’s strongest person, but just want to make sure you can go through life healthy and prepared for daily demands, functional fitness can help you do that. Our job is to make sure your functional fitness routine is able to be done at home in safety and with as much comfort as possible. Continue reading “The Best Exercise Mat for Functional Fitness”

Play Mats: Your Best Home Security System

If you think ahead (and we think you do), you’ve given thought as to how to make your home appealing to a potential buyer: repairs to minor issues, additions to the house itself, and protecting attractive wood floors with things like EVA foam play mats. Yes, keeping your floors in top shape can help keep your whole house in peak selling condition. Continue reading “Play Mats: Your Best Home Security System”

Floors for Fitness

Fitness flooring is different from the flooring in you living room. It’s different from the floors at the mall and in the locker room. Fitness flooring is different because it needs to meet specific needs that frankly, you don’t have in your living room or the mall. When you’re using free weights or doing plyometrics or HIIT, your floor needs to be able to take it. A nice berber or ceramic tiles aren’t going to work. Continue reading “Floors for Fitness”