Yoga for Fitness, Yoga for Life

When you unroll a yoga mat, you’re unfurling possibilities for your life you probably never imagined. Yoga has a way of seeping into all areas of your daily life, from increased concentration and flexibility to a calmer state of being overall. So why don’t more people take on this perfect form of exercise and fitness? We were wondering the same thing. Continue reading “Yoga for Fitness, Yoga for Life”

Yoga Mats Are Not Created Equal

Yoga mats might seem like one of those dime a dozen products that you can pull of the shelf at any big box retailer, but if you’ve ever tried that before, you know there’s a little bit more to it than that. They get stinky after a few months of sweat, or they tear, or you slip on them, you name it. There’s a pretty surprising amount of stuff that can go wrong with a yoga mat, and with a practice like yoga, where concentration and control mean a lot, those are the sorts of things you really shouldn’t have to be dealing with when you’re trying to get stretchy, calm, and fit. Continue reading “Yoga Mats Are Not Created Equal”

The Best Yoga Mat for a Good Workout and Quiet Meditation

Think you can’t have it all in a yoga mat? Think again! Our Manduka Pro yoga mats are constructed to provide everything you could possibly need in a yoga mat: comfort and support. And did we mention they’re totally affordable with a Lifetime Guarantee from the manufacturer?  Continue reading “The Best Yoga Mat for a Good Workout and Quiet Meditation”

Yoga for Strong Bones

Ladies, roll out that yoga mat and you might not have to listen to your doctor tell you about bone density loss. Body weight exercise, along with many other lifestyle changes, can actually help to prevent bone loss, which is a major concern for women, though maintaining bone density is a concern for anyone who’s getting on in years. Fractures become more challenging to heal when we age and especially if our bones have become too porous due to the loss of density. So do the right, easy, and restorative thing: get your yoga mat out and give the old bod a whirl! Continue reading “Yoga for Strong Bones”

Keep Your Yoga Practice Going Strong

There’s nothing like a thick, supportive yoga mat to make a yoga practice even more inviting that it naturally is. Our Manduka yoga mats are so comfortable, you may want to consider taking your weekend naps on them. Seriously, these mats are constructed so well, your hands and feet won’t feel the direct pressure of a hard surface, your bum won’t mind the floor work, and your balancing poses will actually feel natural.  Continue reading “Keep Your Yoga Practice Going Strong”

Beginner or Not, Here’s Your Best Yoga Mat

Whether you’re new to the practice or have been doing yoga since the ’60s, the best yoga mat (and the last one) you’ll ever use is the Manduka Pro yoga mat. We get to make this outrageous claim because we use these mats ourselves and can attest to the fact that they meet all the needs any kind of yogi will have. Continue reading “Beginner or Not, Here’s Your Best Yoga Mat”