Childhood: A Balancing Act

Encouraging your kids to do gymnastics at home might seem a little bonkers since you’re already concerned for their general safety, but with our gymnastics mats and other gymnastics equipment, you can take bonkers out of the equation.

Injuries are common in childhood, most of them minor – nothing a kiss and a colorful bandage won’t handle, but tumbling mats can help make those little injuries less common. If your little one is waaaaay into being active (wrestling, rough-housing, pretending to be an elite athlete), you and she could benefit from tumbling mats. Face it: kids’s jobs are to be active. They’re explorers of their environment, and this is how they grow. It can be scary letting them go to do what they need to do, but if you can provide a supportive, safe space at home for them to do their exploring and wild play, well, you might just be a little less scared about their free time. Tumbling mats are the addition you need to their play space that will bring this peace of mind.

Tumbling mats are a great place to begin, but what if your child develops an interest in gymnastics? Hang onto the mats, ’cause you’re going to need them; but with some additions. The simple addition of different affordable, safe gymnastics equipment like low-rise balance beams, tumbling octagons, or incline mats can really light that fire. These affordable, safe apparatus can help you encourage your child to pursue a life-long healthy interest in an active lifestyle, something health care practitioners say is a must for kids of all ages who are becoming far too used to sedentary lifestyles.

Kids need to explore their worlds, learn what their own bodies can do, and grow from these experiences. How you respond to their needs says a lot to them about what you value. If you offer your kids some gymnastics equipment at home, you communicate your belief that being active is a good idea. And if you participate in some of their playtime on the tumbling mats with them, they’ll be even more convinced that what they’re doing is a great idea, because they follow your lead. Show them that you value that active lifestyle by bringing some gymnastics equipment into your home.