Clean Up the Playroom with Playful Foam Mats

foot stepping on toy

Cleaning up the playroom could be a fun job if you had some soft, playful, and cool foam mats to put down on the floor to give the whole area a new look! How many times have you heard that scary catching sound when the vacuum sucks up the tiniest toy which has embedded itself in the deep pile living room carpet like a little plastic guerilla fighting for the freedom of microscopic toys everywhere? So here’s the plan: next time the playroom needs cleaning, take your best shot at organizing everything, then replace the flooring with some colorful and comfortable EVA foam mats! You will have successfully denied the little Storm Trooper helmet a place to hide and from which to launch his attack at the bottom of your bare foot in the middle of the night! Think how many fewer curse words your kids will learn if you’re not constantly stepping on their toys! This could be the smartest parenting move ever!

EVA foam mats are perfect for the playroom, regardless of the age of the kids hanging out there. For the youngest set, take a look at our ABC/123 mats. These are extremely popular for nurseries, toddler bedrooms, and playrooms. And 3/8″ of EVA foam prevents a lot of bumps and bruises from being much more serious. Now for older kids (even adults who find themselves sitting on the floor in front of a tv with a game controller clutched feverishly in their hands) we advise some of the solid 3/8″ mats, and perhaps even the wood grain or carpet top mats. Depending on the feel you want to create, you can have multi-colored and playful, classy and elegant, or warm and inviting. Your choice!

Any way you look at it, putting EVA foam flooring down in the play area is going to be a smart choice. It’s affordable, it’s comfortable, easily maintained, and offers no shelter to those pointy little toys waiting to take a chunk out of your foot!