Cold Weather Fitness

It’s getting colder! It’s not as bright outside when you get home in the evenings, and by the time dinner is over, it’s almost completely dark. Makes you want to stay under the blankets a little longer, maybe curl up with something hot to drink and willing devolve into a couch potato until spring. If the sight of the lower temperatures has you thinking of postponing exercise for a few months, don’t worry. We have some ideas to keep you active and actually look forward it!While cooler temperatures are often a great way to boost the efficacy of your workout (your body has to work harder to keep you warm), sometimes the outdoors is not the place you want to be. So let’s take a quick look at a couple of ideas to keep you strong and healthy through the darkening season ahead.

As the days darken, oftentimes so does our mood. Many who are affected by the winter-time doldrums often feel sluggish, moody, and unmotivated. Scheduling your workouts can help provide you with a structure to stick with your fitness routine. Plan to attend the same group classes each week. Better yet, take a buddy. Personal accountability and the social interaction of working out with a friend will raise your spirits and make it more likely that you’ll stick to your plan.

If getting to the gym becomes an issue as the weather turns less cooperative, consider designating a space in your home for your workout. Our EVA foam mats can turn even a small corner into a personal workout space. They protect your joints from repeated impact, but they also protect your floors from the heavy traffic of a workout and from your favorite fitness equipment. Because the mats are easily placed and removed, you could throw a few down in front of the TV to follow along with a good workout video. Just because you can’t get to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t get to the workout!

If you’re not in the mood to bundle up and go for a jog in the colder air, if you’ve already got weather keeping you from the gym, or if you just want to be able to workout from home, check out our personal mats and EVA foam mats to turn a piece of home-sweet-home into the perfect home-sweet-gym.