Commercial Rubber Tiles and PVC Tiles for Gyms, Garages, and the Workplace

There are a multitude of settings where heavy duty flooring solutions can mean the difference between a successful business and a sinking one; between an energized employee and high turnover; between looking forward to going to work, and joining the ranks of those who hate their jobs. If you work in an environment that demands you are on your feet all day, some seriously forgiving  PVC or rubber tiles might just be the best things that ever happened to you.

Providing a safe, solid, clean and comfortable workout is the goal of every gym or fitness center. To that end, our commercial rubber floor tiles are the perfect choice. These tiles, made from recycled rubber, provide durable support beneath heavy equipment and are specially designed to be non-slip, even when they’re wet. Perfect for a gym. And just like our other products, the rubber mats are designed to connect with interlocking tabs, so no glue or other permanent adhesives are necessary. If you need to make adjustments to your space, you can simply remove the tiles and reassemble them. If you have a very large space to cover, consider our commercial rubber flooring in rolls, too.

Supportive, cushioning surfaces aren’t just for the workplace, though. That space in the garage where you tinker around on weekends? The floor of the laundry room? The corner of the basement where you want to put a weight set? These are all perfect applications for mats, whether commercial rubber or PVC tiles. In the garage where oil, paint, and other spills are more likely, toss down some of our PVC floor tiles. These serious tiles come with either a smooth or coin top surface and in a variety of colors. Of course they also come with our interlocking tab design, so no professional installation is necessary and neither are smelly adhesives.

Commercial grade mats have so many applications – you’re bound to have at least one situation that We Sell Mats could make better with one little shipment of some fantastic tiles. If you have questions, our fantastic and devoted customer service folks are eager to help. Give us a call and let us get busy putting an order together for you that will help keep your business floating, energize your employees, and make going to work everyday one of the things you actually look forward to!