Covering the Play Area

Toys can take over a room faster than a rumor, but when you designate the play area with soft, comfortable play mats, you get a leg up on containing the sprawl. And they don’t necessarily have to be the multi-color play mats, either, although the hues of those particular mats are fun and engaging for kids; your play mats can pop, blend, warm, or comfort, depending on the style you choose. And all the mats are soft to sit and play on, shock-absorbing to handle the occasional tumble, and easy to take care of. 

Start with a look at the traditional “kid” play mats. These mats come in so many different colors, you may have a hard time deciding which way to go. For the littlest ones, the ABC/123 mats are a colorful, educational, and limited space on which the important job of growing up can begin. Tactile learning is an incredible memory tool, and with fun letters and numbers as part of their play space, the kids won’t even realize they’re learning while they play. The same EVA foam that comprises the ABC/123 mats is used to make our multi-purpose mats. The same thickness (thought you can go even thicker) and even greater coverage area are in the bag with these solid color play mats. A single color is great, but creating patterns with two or more colors can be truly engaging for the kids.

If your play area happens to be a room shared with other activities, you might consider using play area mats that blend more cohesively with the rest of the room. This is easily accomplished with either our wood grain mats or our carpet topped mats. Again, the mats are soft, shock-absorbing, installed in just minutes, and will provide hours of comfortable play time without taking over a room aesthetically. Keep the classy look of your hardwood floors with some White Oak floor mats, or dampen sound (yes please!) and add warmth with some richly colored carpet topped mats. Either style will keep the kids comfy and the room looking grown-up.

Don’t give in to the toy sprawl – get some EVA foam play mats. There are few things about parenting you can control, but keeping the kids safe and comfortable while they play at home is definitely something you can handle.