Crash Pads

Interesting tidbit: if you look up the definition of “crash pad” you’ll find very little about gymnastics or martial arts. Crash pad is an informal term for a place to sleep. It’s also a shock-absorbing material used to protect vehicle occupants. Now, tag your search with “gymnastics” or “martial arts” and you’ll get the definition we’re after. Interestingly, in the flooring context, crash pads or crash mats still have some of the components of the original definition. A resting place. Shock-absorption. Protection. Gymnasts and martial arts students know there’s nothing that kills the drive to learn like a bad injury. Our crash pads are designed with serious protection for the athlete in mind. Each 4′ x 8′ mat is made with a sponge foam core and heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl top with mesh sides. With thicknesses varying from 8″ to 12″ you’ll have no problem choosing the right mat for your training regimen.

If you just have a house full of rambunctious kids who need a place to crash, we recommend our 4″ mats. They fold in half for easy storage and provide just the right amount of cushioning for your standard roughhousing. For the studied martial artists wanting to practice take downs, we suggest the 8″ mats. These will provide shock-absorbing protection and allow for longer training sessions. For gymnasts, depending on the skill being practiced, our 8″ or 12″ crash pads are absolutely necessary, especially when hard landings are a possibility. Any apparatus should be accompanied by seriously thick crash mats; if you need to protect a gymnast from a fall or absorb the shock of a newly-learned dismount, the thickest mats are for you.

We’ve got the perfect mat for your activities, whether gymnastics, martial arts, or just horsing around. Give us a call to discuss shipping of the 8″ and 12″ mats (4″ ships standard). Our prices are the best on the Web and our customer service can’t be beat!