Create an Atmosphere to Keep Them Coming Back

small business owner in front of store

Small business owners have their work cut out for them. In a culture of Big Stores and online ordering, small brick-and-mortar stores are fighting tooth and nail for their very existence. So the brave souls at the helms of these small enterprises are always on the lookout for ways to make their products and services more attractive. One of the aces up their sleeves is the art of presentation.

The Big Stores don’t have to worry about ambience; their lure is price alone, but your small business has an opportunity here. The atmosphere you create in your store can play a role in the sale of your products. And believe it or not, a huge part of the atmosphere can be found directly beneath your feet. The Floor. Massive concrete floors in the warehouse stores are uncomfortable to be on for any length of time, but if you welcome your customers with a soft, relaxing foam floor, they’ll be quite content to spend plenty of time in your store!

Our customers tell us that our wood grain mats are outstanding for their small businesses. They offer a warmth to the eye and gentle cushioning to the feet that you just don’t get in other retail establishments. Even if your store has other flooring at the moment, checkout clerks will greatly appreciate a little extra padding behind the counter. Think about it: a comfortable clerk is going to perform better than one who’s aching!

Eye-catching, soothing, and easily maintained wood grain mats could just be one of those “little things” that sets your business apart from the others. Take a look at our Forest Floor™ wood grain mats and you’ll see what we mean. What product wouldn’t look better displayed atop a Light Bamboo foundation? Go a little more casual with a Cork finish, or really class it up with some White Oak or Mahogany. Whichever you choose, your customers will appreciate both the visual and physical appeal.

Your job is hard enough as it is. Give yourself and your business a slight edge with attractive, inviting, EVA Foam Flooring!