Custom-Made EVA Foam Halloween Costume

EVA Foam Megatron Halloween CostumeAny business loves to receive photos of happy customers using their products, and over the years we have really enjoyed seeing picture after picture of happy kids on ABC mats, proud fitness buffs showing off their new home gym, and even other businesses showing us their sharp new trade show booths. But really… this one takes the cake for the most creative use of EVA foam we’ve ever seen.

Our customer John and his son Ryan are big fans of the “Transformers Prime” animated series (who isn’t?) and they decided to embrace the challenge of designing and creating their very own Megatron Costume. What did they imagine would be the perfect medium for such a creative endeavor? About 60 tiles worth of EVA foam from We Sell Mats, of course!

Over a period of more than 3 months, John designed, built, and finally painted his costume, even tricking it out with light and sound effects. John is super-excited to go trick-or-treating with his son next week, and Ryan will be dressed up as none other than Megatron’s arch-enemy Optimus Prime (but in a store-bought costume). Congratulations on completing an amazing project, John, and Happy Halloween!

You can read more about John’s costume and even vote for it in the 2012 Halloween Costume Contest over at


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