Customize Your Fitness Mat

When you’re doing crunches or push-ups and your tailbone and wrists are begging you to stop because of the hard floor you’re working on, it’s time to get a fitness mat. We’re not talking a huge investment here, but one that could save you from joint pain, bruises, and maybe a premature end to your home workout.

Fitness mats are compact, lightweight, loaded with padding, and fold up for easy storage. What’s not to love? You can choose from 1.5″ thick or 2″ to pad just the right amount for you. If you’re doing a lot of floor work, maybe even yoga or pilates, and want more padding than a traditional yoga mat has to offer, the Folding Exercise Mats give you enough space to work on, and just a little extra padding. Your spine will thank you during crunches and side planks, not to mention being there for you when you fall out of Crow pose.

When you’re ready to purchase your fitness mat, consider how much movement you’re going to do and how much space you’ll need to do it in. Our mats come in 2×6, 4×8, and 4×10 sizes, so once you know how much room you want, you can choose a mat accordingly. All of the fitness mats are constructed with top quality materials and stitched with the greatest of care so you don’t have to worry about seams splitting when you do mountain climbers. The heavy-duty material is easy to wipe down after a good, sweaty workout, too. No harsh chemicals are needed, just a wet rag and maybe a gentle detergent. If it’s a nice day and you want to take your workout outdoors, no problem. Fold your fitness mat up, grab it by the handles, and out you go.

Fitness mats could very well be the way to kick your home workout up a notch by adding a little padding, portability, and durability. Choose your thickness, choose your size, even choose your color, then order right away. A kinder, gentler surface awaits you.