Cut Yourself Some Slack

If you’re new to the yoga scene (yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, etc.), you could be feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, but mostly likely you’re just feeling sore. And that could be because you’re using the wrong yoga mat. Yes, it’s possible to use a mat that isn’t best for your level of skill or your personal needs, so we have yoga mats in varying thicknesses and tacks to help you get the yoga mat that will make you more comfortable during your practice, something that’s key to making sure it becomes a regular part of your lifestyle.

You probably just grabbed the cheapest yoga mat you could find to start your practice. It’s understandable. You don’t want to throw bucks at something until you’re sure you’re committed to it. Except…what about that $500 treadmill collecting dust in the basement? Or the set of weights you sold at the yard sale for $10, taking a $140 loss? Yeah, you’ve spent money on exercise equipment before, so why not spring for a good quality yoga mat that will cost significantly less than that other stuff, take up way less space, and will likely lead to a lifetime of activity?

When we’re talking about top quality yoga mats, we’re talking about mats that give you enough padding that you don’t have to double up your mat when you’re on your knees (or any other sensitive part of your body that isn’t used to supporting all of your bodyweight). We’re talking about mats that will last a lifetime. These yoga mats are the ones that will make you the most comfortable without compromising your ability to balance. Some yogis prefer the thinnest mat possible so they have the greatest sense of balance for very difficult balancing poses, and that makes sense. But if you’re just starting out, you’re not an experienced yogi, are you?! Go ahead and take all the support you can get.

With a whopping 6mm of padding in your new yoga mat, you’re going to love your new life on the mat. You’ll look forward to your practice, you’ll want to spend more time doing it, and eventually, you’ll become stronger, more flexible, and much more pleased with yourself. And it’s all because you started your yoga journey with the right equipment. Grab a nice thick yoga mat, and be on your way!