Double Duty

Lots of our customers use our mats for home gym flooring, often in their garages. But what do you do when your only area for working out happens to be your living or family room? That’s where a very special EVA foam mat flies in to save the day!

If you have tile or hardwood floors, the best transition to a decent looking (read: not gym locker room) workout space is with our wood grain EVA foam mats. You can choose from five different wood patterns and shades to suit your current decor and to blend seamlessly with your existing flooring. We don’t recommend putting the mats over carpet because of the bunching and loosening of the joints, but if you have some hard floor to spare, just a few mats can give you great support and padding for any workout.

The Classic Oak mats are one of our best-sellers, and for good reason. They look just like hardwood – until you step on them. Then they look like a warm, sandy beach as you stroll along…I digress. They’re really soft. They’re not your solid black gym dead-lift room flooring at all. They’re made to add class and elegance to any application. If you have to work out in your living room, this is the answer. You can keep the warm, cozy feeling of a place of relaxation while still having a supportive and cushioning space to do floor work, yoga, pilates, and lots more.

The other wood grain mats have been aptly named Forest Floor. Here you’ll find the more unique grains like cork, bamboo, mahogany, and white oak. We’d be happy to send you a sample for just the cost of shipping so you can choose the one that matches your needs perfectly. They’re all 3/8″ thick, so cushioning won’t vary with the wood pattern. Each mat connects with puzzle piece-like tabs for a secure, non-slip surface. For high impact workouts, we recommend a little carpet tape on the backside to prevent the mats from shifting. And all our mats come with straight edge pieces for that even, finished look.

If your family room is your home gym, get your floor to do double duty with the warm, elegant tones of wood grain mats.