Encouraging Self-Defense

Aside from teaching your kids how to avoid bullying and other trouble in the first place, providing them with a space at home to practice martial arts, complete with a padded floor of martial arts mats, is a great first step toward keeping theme safe and helping them to feel confident. And confidence is one of the best antidotes to bullying.

Martial arts mats at home can and should be just like the ones your child practices on at the martial arts studio under the protective and instructional eye of a highly skilled and trained teacher. Teachers know that keeping the kids safe is key to making sure the martial arts are something that can be done for a lifetime, so thick, textured martial arts mats are an absolute must in any practice situation. So take a good look at your studio’s martial arts mats, then take a look at our Tatami finish martial arts mats.

Why a Tatami finish on our martial arts mats? Traction and sound footing and balance are imperative for a confident practice. The ribbed texture of our mats mimics the texture of the original rice straw mats used centuries ago. It provides just a little more purchase for the feet and hands. In addition to the Tatami finish, and unlike the original straw mats, our martial arts mats are thick and shock-absorbing, as any martial arts mat worth its salt is going to be. Starting at 1/2″ of EVA foam, our mats absorb shock from normal practice while also providing a little more padding to protect a body from falls and throws. Where kids are concerned, we always recommend the use of our thickest mats, just to give them maximum protection. Because EVA foam is supportive as well as padded, it will not diminish balance when it’s needed most.

If thick martial arts mats are part of a professional studio, they’re going to be outstanding in your home. Encourage your child to feel confident about her skills, take her practice seriously, and progress quickly by giving her some soft, supportive martial arts mats to practice on at home.