EVA Foam Flooring Mats for Your Business

Some of our most appreciative customers are those who have purchased our EVA foam mats for their businesses. Why so appreciative? Simple: EVA foam adds support, shock-absorption, and comfort to the business day. Whether you use them in a food prep area (standing in one spot is super tough on the joints), behind the counter, or even at the trade show, you’ll find that the level of comfort you experience will keep you energized longer, and that means better sales and a better bottom line.

We’re very proud of our line of EVA foam mats for business use: our single-colored multi-purpose mats, the elegant and sometimes playful wood grain foam mats, and even the commercial carpet style carpet top mats. No matter which style you choose, you get a minimum of 3/8″ of EVA foam beneath your feet. The installation of all the mats is so simple – no professional required. You can put the mats down in a matter of minutes and start enjoying their comfort right away. And you only need to purchase the amount you want. Measure your space, determine how many mats you need, and purchase. While we do offer the mats in pre-packaged amounts, you can order tiles singly to make sure you get just the right amount. Not sure how many you need? We got ya – our customer service people are the best in the business. Just give them a call and they’ll help you figure out exactly what you need, help you place the order, and even be available for questions after your mats arrive.

Care and maintenance of your new EVA foam floor is as uncomplicated as it gets. Whether your mats are installed as a permanent flooring system in your establishment or are used as temporary flooring, like at a trade show, simply sweeping off debris with a broom or suction-only vacuum will do the trick. If spills occur, don’t worry: the mats are water- and stain-resistant, so a quick response with a rag or mop will keep the mats looking good as new. No harsh chemical cleaners are ever necessary. Just a little mild detergent in some water will be all you ever need to keep the mats in shape.

We’re certain that once your business is working on EVA foam mats, you’ll see improvement in comfort, productivity, and public perception. Who would have thought that a floor could do so much?!