EVA Foam for Daycare, Classroom, and Therapy

Many of our customers are daycare providers or classroom teachers, either in standard classrooms or specialized therapy centers and the thing they have in common is a love of our EVA foam mats on their floors. Your regular daycare facility or classroom is likely built over hard floors, like concrete or tiles of one kind or another. Any parent or teacher will tell you those are part of an equation that equals injury. The solution is to find a flooring system that will cushion the falls, support active play, and clean up easily. That solution is EVA foam mats.

Even the most disciplined classroom can get out of control at times, and EVA foam mats have your six. While your back is turned, even for a second, mayhem can ensue and you don’t want to have to call the parents to tell them their kid needs stitches. EVA foam is made from the same material that your beach flip-flops are made from, so you know how shock-absorbing they can be. With those on the floor in the play area of the classroom or daycare facility, you don’t have to worry that a tumble from a chair will result in injury. They’ll absorb just enough shock that you might have a few crocodile tears to deal with, but hopefully nothing more.

You can choose from several thickness of EVA foam mats, too, which enables you to get the right amount of padding for your setting. If you’re working with little ones who are just getting started on two feet, you might choose a thicker mat. If your kids are older, and perhaps with vivid imaginations, some thinner mats might be enough to protect them while they play, but also may be incorporated as part of their playtime. Many therapists have sent us pictures of the ways their kids use the mats to build houses, forts, and other creative structures. That’s because the mats are easily removed with their interlocking tabs. Kids can easily put them together to create whatever their imaginations come up with, and then put them back in place when it’s time to go home.

Classroom cleanup can be a chore, one you don’t relish at the end of a long day, but EVA foam mats make floor care a piece of cake. A suction-only vacuum or a broom will remove debris easily, and when the need arises, a mop with a little mild detergent and water is all it takes to keep them clean. Spills? Not a problem. The moisture- and stain-resistant mats will minimize the spill until you’re ready to deal with it and will still look like new after cleanup. And should a mat become damaged, you can simply replace it with another single tile. No need to replace the whole floor, unlike carpet.

Daycare facilities, whether in a commercial or home setting, classrooms, and therapy facilities are great environments for EVA foam mats. Take a look today and see how We Sell Mats can help you improve yours.