EVA Foam in the Play Room

Wood Grain mats in customer day care play room.

Few things can make the time spent in the play area anything but the highlight of the little ones’ day, but losing a battle with gravity can do it. A non-carpeted play area can mean extra tears, but we’ve got a solution that doesn’t involve reflooring: EVA foam! Seriously, this is like the duct tape of flooring materials, you can use it for everything. It’ll make a fall a little easier to take for the kids, it’s inexpensive, and it’s easy to install and remove. And that’s just the start – if you’ve followed us for a while, you likely know how much we love EVA foam, but if not, let’s cover some of its other finer qualities…

In the play area, messes will happen. Messes of the liquidy kind. Messes that don’t agree with carpets. But EVA can handle it! The tiles are easy to clean and resistant to chemicals, so they can take just about every kind of cleaner you can throw at them. They’re likely even easier to clean than whatever kind of flooring you plan to cover with them. We know for sure that as a busy parent you won’t want to have to spend any extra time and energy cleaning, which makes the EVA mats a great solution for these kinds of projects.

Lastly, well, the play area might not always be a play area, and subjecting the house’s flooring to the duress of the play area might not be a great idea. It can’t hurt to protect the floors from the kids, and maybe save yourself from some expensive replacements down the road. EVA foam is tough, and even if, hypothetically, the munchkin or munchkins somehow manage to totally mangle some of it, it’s a whole lot easier (and FAR less expensive) to replace one EVA tile than it is to refloor the room.

We do our level best to make these decisions as easy as installing EVA foam tiles (that’s pretty easy), but if there’s another kind of mat that you’re interested in, you have any questions at all (that aren’t better suited to clergy or your healthcare provider), or you’re a mat enthusiast and want somebody to compare notes with, give us a call!