EVA Foam Is All Business

In a matter of minutes, you can install some EVA foam flooring mats in your business space, whether in retail areas for customers, in office space, or behind check-out counters for the benefit of those well-deserving employees. You’ll improve morale, the comfort of your customers, and even warm up the space a little, depending on the type of mats you choose. And therein lies your problem: there are so many great styles of EVA foam mats to choose from, you’ll probably spend more time deciding which to order than you will actually installing them. Not a bad problem to have!

Have a look at our Forest Floor Wood Grain mats. These elegant and classy, yet sometimes playful mats kick the place up a notch. They really do look like wood grain, so to the eye, you’ve installed some high-end hardwood flooring, but when the foot hits the mat, watch the reaction! What they thought was hardwood is soft, supportive, anti-fatigue EVA foam and it feels amazing!

For low-key, behind-the counter cushioning for those retail feet who just can’t get a break, you become the instant hero when you arrive with some thick, multi-purpose EVA foam flooring to install behind the counter. You can even choose which thickness will suit your cashiers best. Choose a color that complements your business colors or just go with a neutral tone that won’t grab attention so the focus can stay on your product and your outstanding (and newly energized!) customer service.

In the office or showroom, premiumĀ carpet topped mats help quiet, comfort, warm, and soothe. We’re speaking from experience here. Premium carpet topped mats come in luxurious colors, connect seamlessly, and provide the same shock-absorbing comfort as all our other EVA foam mats. They’re topped with a commercial-style carpet that can be vacuumed just like carpet, yet it won’t hold dust, dander, mites, and other allergens the way carpet pile does. And if any of our mats, whether carpet topped, wood grain, or multi-purpose, become damaged, you can simply replace that mat instead of the entire flooring system. That’s a true money-saver, and could make your decision to go EVA that much easier.

It’s true our mats have about a million applications, but when it comes to your bottom line, EVA foam mats are all business.