EVA Foam Mats Are Your Milkshake

You want trade show attendees to come to your booth, and EVA foam trade show booth flooring is just the milkshake you need to bring them all. Well, that and having a great product to sell, but all we can help with is the way you display that product. With EVA foam flooring as your foundation, the rest of your booth looks a little more, well, attractive.

We’re not saying trade show booth flooring is going to be the next meme that takes over the inter webs, but it can be your ticket to a cost-effective facelift for your exhibition booth. Forget the expensive, stain-retaining, back-breaking rolls of carpet. For the soft, warm feel of carpet, install some carpet-topped EVA foam mats in your trade show booth. It only takes a couple of minutes to achieve the seamless look of carpet that brings comfort and familiarity to the feel your booth projects. With a diverse palette of rich, warm colors, you’ll be able to find one that complements your business colors and accentuates your product. Nothing flashy, just classy.

In the same amount of time it takes to toss down and connect some carpet-topped EVA foam mats, you could install a wood grain flooring system for your trade show booth and be rewarded with the timeless, elegant look of real hardwood. Of course, the EVA foam wood grain mats weigh a fraction of what real wood does, and that’s a good thing when it comes to hauling your trade show booth’s floor from venue to venue. Put the mats in a convenient shoulder bag for transport and you free your hands up for something else. At the end of the exhibition, sweep the mats off and return them to the bag. Time to hit the road.

To be the booth everyone visits, the “yard,” if you will, of the trade show, start with the best trade show booth flooring you can ever have – EVA foam. Your customers will thank you, your staffers will love the lightweight transport, and you’ll appreciate a better return on your trade show investment.