EVA Foam Play Mats – Your Best Defense

No doubt about it, it’s a challenge to keep your kids safe while they play, but the addition of a few EVA foam play mats can take the edge off your worries, at least when they play at home. The surface on which the kids play is just as important as the toys you choose for them because regardless of what they’re doing, the inevitable mishap is always lurking. Most times, a few tears and a cuddle will take care of it, but there are those occasions when the trauma is a bit scarier. Shock-absorbing, soft, supportive play mats can be that insurance policy every parent wants when their eyes are turned for just a split second – because every parent knows, that’s all it takes.

Wanting to mitigate childhood disasters doesn’t make you a helicopter parent, and the addition of EVA foam play mats doesn’t make you a control freak, it makes you a smart, forward-thinking superhero. Yes, it actually does. Because superheroes often go unnoticed, their deeds of bravery and smart thinking dropping below the radar of those they help. And when you provide your kids with a safer surface on which to play, that’s what you’re doing. You’re making Metropolis a safer city. You’re catching the tree before it falls on the unsuspecting elderly man sitting in a lawn chair in his driveway. You’re flying in and swooping up the child who’s about to plummet much further than is safe.

Are EVA foam play mats really all this? In a word, yes. With 3/8″ of flip-flop-type foam beneath them, kids will be playing on a surface that cushions their movement without being so squishy as to hinder their ability to balance – crucial, especially if they’re just getting the hang of the walking thing. Liquid spills won’t be absorbed into the mats because they’re water-resistant, and all those crumbs can just be swept up. Carpet can trap crumbs, dust, pet dander, and other potential allergens and keep it right near the kids’ noses while they play. But EVA foam, while still just as soft (maybe more so) as carpet, keeps the debris where you can get to it. And of course, because of its resilience, the EVA foam play mat can prevent a head-meets-floor scenario from evolving into a trip to the doctor. So yes, EVA foam play mats really are all this.

You do your best to keep your kids safe, 24/7, and we can help by guiding you to the perfect EVA foam play mats toward that end. Think of the play mats as another superpower…