EVA Foam Trade Show Booth Flooring for 2018

If a new year on the trade show circuit has you feeling less than festive, it might be time to invest in some EVA foam trade show booth flooring. If that doesn’t get you ramped up, well, we don’t know what will. 

EVA foam flooring is the kindest, gentlest way to ring in the new year of trade show hopping that could be a real boon to your business. You only get one chance to make that crucial first impression, and with EVA foam beneath you, your chances are gold that you’ll score big time in the hearts and minds of your potential customers. As they step onto that soft, comforting flooring system you installed in just minutes, they’ll know they’ve found a business that cares about their well-being, not just about its bottom line. First impression: A+.

EVA foam is the stuff flip-flops are made of – you know, that soft, forgiving material you love to don before you hit the white sand beaches. It’s a familiar feel, one that gives a welcome respite from the hard concrete floors of the convention center. But it’s supportive too, and anti-fatigue, so you and your guests will both feel comfortable the whole time you’re standing on it. Anti-fatigue? Is such a thing possible at a trade show? Absolutely! Not only will the EVA foam cushion your joints and make you feel like you’re operating at the top of your game, it’s quite possible that when quittin’ time rolls around, you’ll feel the same level of energy you did at the outset of the exhibition.

Lest you think that trade show booth flooring must be sterile, unattractive, and a pain to lug from venue to venue, rest assured that our trade show booth flooring offerings are classy, playful, warm, and lightweight, making them about the easiest flooring choice you can make for your trade show booth. Choose multiple solid colors to create eye-catching patterns; or choose a faux wood grain style to kick the elegance of your booth up a notch. If carpet is your thing, our carpet topped mats offer warmth, richness of color, ease of care, and lightweight transport. And all of our mats have tabbed edges for quick, seamless installation. When the show is over, disassemble the floor, toss the mats into a convenient shoulder bag, and head home. So easy!

Make 2018 a stellar year for your business with multi-color, wood grain, or carpet topped EVA foam trade show booth flooring.