EVA Play Mats to the Allergy Rescue!

If you look outside and your air is yellow, you’ve made it to pollen season. Sending the kids out to play can mean lots of runny noses, sneezing, and more. But they have to play somewhere, right? So what do you do?

Every time you open your door, pollen wafts in on the breeze, getting trapped in carpeting, but if you have EVA foam mats covering your play spaces, the pollen can be swept up, wiped away, and you’ll have a pollen-free play area all ready for the kids. You know how hard it is to keep pollen at bay – it comes in on the breeze, in the pet’s fur, on clothing, even on laundry hanging out to dry. And it loves carpet. It loves upholstered furniture. It just loves being in your home. But to keep the allergies at bay, replacing the carpet in the kids’ play areas will go the distance in creating a safe, sneeze-free playroom.

Play areas don’t actually have to look like play areas, lest you think you have to turn the living room into a primary-colored checkerboard daycare look-alike. Play areas created with EVA foam mats can be solid colors, wood grained, even favorite team colors. All our mats fit together like pieces of a puzzle to create a seamless, soft space for kids’ play and grown-up leisure. That little bit of padding makes it just that much more comfortable to play, sit, and exercise on. And because they’re made of EVA foam, they won’t hold onto pollen or other allergens.

Cleaning a play area and keeping it looking good has never been easier than with foam mats. Juice spills can permanently stain carpet, but can be wiped off foam mats. Even if a foam tile becomes damaged, you only have to replace the single tile, not the whole floor. Bring on the juice! Crushed crackers, we laugh at you! Animal fur, be gone! Pollen, let’s take it outside.

Eliminate allergens the easy and affordable way by installing EVA foam mats in play areas and other allergen-trapping environments. You and the kids will breathe easier knowing the play area is safe, soft, and will last well past the allergy season!