Every Parent’s Dream: The Gymnastics Kit

If you’re the kind of parent we think you are, you’re looking for something that will encourage your child’s love of tumbling and gymnastics. That’s why you’re here on our website! And our job is to help you find the perfect gymnastics equipment for the specific needs of your little gymnast. Looks like we were made for each other!

We understand how difficult it can be to shop for affordable, high-quality gymnastics equipment, especially online where you can’t actually have a hands-on experience before you buy. So we’ve curated a very special group of equipment just for you to extend the gymnastics and tumbling time in a safe, easily maintained space. Take a look at our gymnastics kit. It comes in three sizes, one of which is sure to fit your gymnast perfectly. The kit includes a tumbling mat, an incline mat or “cheese mat” (‘cause it’s shaped like a wedge of cheese…get it??), and a balance beam.

The tumbling mat included in our gymnastics kit is one of our most popular sellers individually. Parents, grandparents, daycare providers, and gymnastics coaches all rave about how much their kids love these things! They’re sturdy, with high-quality stitching and heavy-duty vinyl covering, they fold for easy storage, provide a whopping two inches of padding, and have hook and loop fasteners at the edges so you can connect two or more together.

Before you start to worry about having a balance beam in your house, let us reassure you that our beams rest solidly on the floor! No scary heights from which to fall and get injured! These beams have a durable crosslink polyethylene foam core which supports balancing movements and poses while giving the feel of a real beam. The beam itself tapers to a wider base which sits on the floor to provide extra stability. Like the tumbling mats, these beams fold up for easy storage. In fact, even the littlest tumblers can get them out and put them away with ease.

Perhaps you’re wondering what you do with an incline mat and why you’d need one. So glad you asked! Incline mats help younger children with forward rolls, bridges, and other beginning skills (they’re also totally fun to play on!). For more advanced students of gymnastics, the larger incline mats can help with back handsprings and other more complex skills. All of our incline mats are made of the same durable material and have supportive cores so your child will feel rooted and safe.

So there you have it: purchasing a gymnastics kit from We Sell Mats is your game plan. The apparatus will most likely outlast your kid’s childhood – and how many kids’ products can you say that about – and will provide years of active, healthy fun and skill development. Head back to the website to choose the kit that will fit your child best and let us know if there’s anything we can help with. Our customer service is the best there is, and we’re eager to prove it!