Exactly What You Need in a Martial Arts Mat

boy practicing karate

Ask anyone – there are some deal-breakers when it comes to shopping for martial arts mats for your home or studio. 1) The mats have to be able to absorb enough shock from impact that you or or students are adequately protected. 2) The mats must be firm enough to ensure balance and stability. 3) The finish on the mats should contribute to, not detract from, your ability to attack and defend.We’d like you to meet our 3/4″ EVA martial arts mats. The thickest in our martial arts offerings, these mats are what you need for young students, or if you’re a beginner yourself. These will offer you the most protection while still being firm enough to grip with your feet and maneuver with agility. The tatami finish enables you to have a better feel of the mat, granting more traction, and frankly, it looks really cool. Appearance isn’t everything, but it’s a nice extra to have!

If you are an advanced martial artist, take a look at our 1/2″ EVA martial arts mats. The 1/2″ of EVA foam offers impact absorption without slowing you down. Like the 3/4″ mats, these are finished in a ribbed tatami style, meeting your feet with ample traction to excel in your sparring routine or in competition.

Whether you just need a few mats for a home martial arts studio or if you’re preparing to outfit an entire fitness center, We Sell Mats has exactly what you need in a martial arts mat. Don’t worry about the mats being complicated or high maintenance, either. No professional installation is required, because these mats lock together quickly to create the surface area you need. You can even remove them, pack them into the car, and take them to an event. When you’re ready to clean, sweep up any debris, then mop with a mild detergent. That’s it.

Now, didn’t we tell you we had everything you needed in a martial arts mat??