Exercise and Disease Prevention

They’re almost becoming so common that we disregard them: studies that show how exercise can prevent and even reverse some effects of disease. So shouldn’t we be paying attention when university after university concludes that a commitment to a certain level of fitness usually leads to a longer, healthier life?Just yesterday on NPR’s Morning Edition, Richard Knox reported that boxing can actually decrease the amount of medication some Parkinson’s patients need. Some patients with chronic and degenerative diseases are finding relief and even a growing sense of well-being through activities like drumming, dancing, and tai chi. While the jury is still out on the details, the big picture has emerged clearly: exercise makes you feel better, whether you’re healthy or combating a disease like Parkinsons.

The best time to commit to a fitness routine you can keep for life is right now. Start small. Go for a walk. Join a gym and get used to a treadmill if you can’t walk outdoors. Group fitness classes are great for motivation, accountability, and fun. Don’t feel like you have to be dead lifting right off the bat. Get some good shoes, some comfortable clothes, and of course, get a good personal exercise mat.  If you’re going to  be working out at home, even a little, it’s important to make sure your surface is conducive to your workout. For stretching and exercises on your hands, knees, or lower back, having a cushioned surface beneath you is going to help you stick to your routine. Our personal exercise mats are made of Crosslink Polyethylene foam and covered in 18 oz. vinyl so you’re guaranteed a soft foundation that’s easy to clean up, fold, and store.

If you want to establish a more permanent space in your home for a workout, perhaps even a small home gym, consider our EVA foam mats. These interlocking mats are a breeze to put down (no professional installation necessary), just as easy to take apart and move, and easily cleaned with just a little water and a rag or mop. Solid support, gentle cushioning, ease of maintenance – everything you could ask for in a good exercise floor system.

Don’t disregard the news: exercise and fitness are enjoyable and prevent and alleviate disease. Get on track to a happier, healthier life with a sustainable fitness program. And don’t forget your mats!