Exercise Mats for Physical Therapy

Everyone who has ever had to go to the physical therapist knows how painful, yet necessary PT can be, and doing it at home can be a real challenge – unless you happen to have some soft, supportive, and accessible exercise mats to make the hard work bearable. Recovery happens faster if you stick to your PT plan, and having a way to do it at home increases the number of opportunities you have to do it successfully, seven days a week.

Exercise mats work great for a good workout, and physical therapy is definitely a workout! But the mats are also perfect for homes or apartments where there just isn’t the right surface for the kind of physical therapy you need to do. Our personal exercise mats come in all sizes so you’re able to choose the one that fits your space and your therapy needs. Of course you want a speedy recovery so you can get back to your daily routine, and our mats are just what the doctor (or physical therapist) ordered. They’re easy to manage – fold them up for storage and unfold for use. They’re not going to occupy the same space in your home as the gigantic wood-frame “beds” in the therapist’s facility, so when you need them, they’re there, tucked out of sight, and when you’re done, back into hiding they go. Wipe them down with a damp cloth if you need to clean them and that’s it.

What kind of physical therapy can you do on our exercise mats? Just about anything. Their thickness makes working on core muscles a little easier because you’re not enduring the pressure of a tailbone or hip bone directly on a hard surface. Athletes recovering from knee and tendon injuries find the smooth texture of the mats makes it easy to perform joint mobility exercises to help strengthen the injured areas and build muscle strength around them. The padding also makes it much more bearable to do those stretching exercises everyone loves to hate, but because you’re more comfortable, chances are you’ll be able to do more reps and recover more quickly.

Once you’ve learned the exercises you need to do from your physical therapist, the exercise mats will make it that much easier to do what you need to do at home. Take a look at the different sizes of exercise mats we offer – from the smallest 2’x6′ to the largest 4’x10′ and decide which will be best for the kind of recovery exercises you need to do. Exercise mats are one of the best investments you can make to help you recover faster, easier, and in the comfort of your own home.