Extend Your Fitness Routine

men and women working out on foam mats

How’s that pre-holiday, nipping-this-thing-in-the-bud fitness plan working out for you? Not as easy as it seemed a few weeks ago? Yeah, we hear you. Want to make it a little more interesting???Having the right equipment is always a good start with any fitness program. Water bottle – check. Top of the line sneakers – check. Defib machine nearby – check. We’re going to add one more must-have: our 2’x6′ personal exercise mat. What’s so crucial about a little padding, you say?

How many times have you been doing your thing – crunches, push-ups, mountain climbers – and it just got to be a little too uncomfortable on the carpeted living room floor or the tiled basement floor? So you quit earlier than you intended. With just a little less than 2″ of padding beneath you, there would never have been a reason to stop. Providing just enough cushioning for joints and points of contact with the floor can mean the difference between a workout you’re committed to doing long-term, and one that fizzles and dies with the last of the seasonal poinsettias. And these are not high-maintenance mats, either. Fold them up when you’re done for flat, easy storage. The heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl covering means they clean up easily with just a little water and a rag – no harsh chemicals required.

But you work out at the gym, not at home? Enter Reason Number Two: extend your fitness routine. How many days do you make it to the gym? Imagine having enough motivation to fill in the gaps in those days with a quick workout at home. With a folding personal exercise mat, you just might have a reason to do a few crunches before work, or sneak in an aerobics video before the weekend party. One or two additions to your workout like that can actually have a significant impact on your health and fitness level.

So give yourself that extra advantage by making sure you have the right equipment to help you meet your fitness goals and including a personal fitness mat alongside your weights and jump rope. A little padding goes a long way in making your fitness routine the most efficient and effective it can be!