Faux Wood Grain Materials Make Great Flooring

Faux Wood Grain MaterialsFaux wood grain materials are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to other common flooring products; so popular in fact that our 3/8" Thick Wood Grain EVA Foam Mats are frequently among our best-sellers. If you’ve never considered using wood grain foam mats in your home or office, let’s take a moment to examine a few of the reasons why faux wood grain has become popular.

Faux Wood Grain Looks Great

The first time you encounter a faux wood grain surface such as a floor assembled with our wood grain foam mats, you’ll definitely do a double-take upon your first step. The appearance of the floor surface is so consistent with a bright hardwood finish that you really have to look in order to tell the difference. Many customers purchase faux wood grain materials because they want or need padding in a certain space but would rather not have the appearance of foam or rubber. Without fail these customers are thrilled with the results of our wood grain foam mats; the experience of a padded floor that still looks like hardwood is exactly what they were hoping for.

Faux Wood Grain is Great for Trade Shows

Businesses who regularly exhibit at trade shows and expos are also big fans of our wood grain foam mats. Many of these road warriors have spent several frustrating years dealing with the hassles of loading, unloading, assembling, and cleaning carpet rolls for their exhibition space. When they discover that they can cover the same area for a fraction of the weight of carpet, have the aesthetic advantage of faux wood grain, easily assemble and disassemble, and still enjoy a comfortable anti-fatigue floor for a long day on their feet… well, you can imagine their happiness.

Faux Wood Grain Has a Certain Je ne Sais Quoi

It’s kind of silly to say it that way, but it’s true. Wood Grain foam mats are a unique product that never fail to elicit a smile of pleasant surprise from everyone who encounters them. If you’re looking for a flooring solution that will spruce up your home or office or you need something to help you make a positive first impression with new visitors or customers, faux wood grain foam is a great product to add to your strategy. You can always order a free sample to see for yourself!

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4 thoughts on “Faux Wood Grain Materials Make Great Flooring”

  1. I like your product. What happens when I place a desk, chair or dresser on the soft floor?? Does it hold up?

    I am interested to buy flooring by this weekend covering 216 sqf.

    1. Hi Frank, thanks for your question. While there’s no rule which states you cannot place hard or heavy items on EVA foam, they will leave an impression. The real issue is with how much surface area is on the foam. If there is a large surface area then the weight of the item is more spread out and it will not likely puncture the foam. If there is only a small surface area however (like a woman’s high-heeled shoe), then it is possible for the foam to puncture.

    1. Hi Heidi, great question! The answer, like so much in life, is it depends. In most aspects, the mats are great for pets; the foam is easy to clean (and to keep clean), doesn’t hold on to odors, is very durable and will handle regular foot traffic for a very long time. The printed wood grain finish can also stand up to quite a lot, but it is susceptible to being scratched. So depending on what type of pets we’re talking about, whether they’ve been declawed, etc, you may experience variable results. If it’s a low-key dog who just wants a soft spot in the sun for a nap, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If it’s a cat who can’t resist sharpening her claws, you’d best be prepared for some damage. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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