Feel the Love

It’s nearing the end of the year, and maybe you’re like, “Whew! Won’t have to deal with that awful trade show booth for awhile!” But maybe, just maybe, if you had some colorful, easy to install, soft and supportive EVA foam mats to stand on in your booth, you’d be more like, “Ok! Let’s get this show on the road!”

Maybe we’ve overstated it a bit, but trade show booth flooring can truly make the difference between dreading a trade show and looking forward to one. If your current flooring is a huge, heavy, and stained roll of carpet, we’d understand if you never wanted to see the inside of an exhibition hall again. But with some EVA foam flooring, you’d know that at the next show, you’d feel energized, not only at the outset of the day, but well into the wee hours. That’s because EVA foam mats are anti-fatigue. They put a little distance between you and that hard exhibition hall floor. You might not think 3/8″ of foam would do that, but it does.

Our trade show booth flooring comes not only in solid colors which are great as a single color blending with your company colors, or more than one color creating cool patterns, but it also comes in unexpected and classy wood grains. Any of our wood grain mats kick the elegance of your booth up a class. Our most popular, the Classic Oak, is a study in hardwood mimicry. Visitors to your booth will think it’s hardwood until they step on it. Their feet will be greeted by that same soft, supportive, anti-fatigue comfort you’ve been standing on all day. Shoot, you might even find some other trade show booth reps coming over and checking out your booth just to get a little reprieve from their own flooring!

To get excited about your trade show booth’s next performance, make the affordable choice to replace your existing trade show booth flooring with some feet-lovin’ EVA foam mats. Your customers will tell the difference in your energy level, and they’ll feel the love, too, when they step into your booth.