Feeling Good About Your Trade Show Booth

The flooring in your trade show booth might not be the thing that leaps to mind when you consider the aesthetic appeal of your booth, but it has important ramifications. Ask yourself a simple question: do you feel positively about the appearance of your trade show booth? Most exhibitors are constantly on the lookout for ways to attract more customers and contacts at the show, and so they’re always upgrading their booths. If that describes you, then we have a foundational solution that will transform your booth and your own presentation.

EVA foam mats are your first step toward a more attractive, more comfortable, and more easily maintained trade show booth. Whether you choose from our solid color multi-purpose mats or from our selection of faux wood grain mats, your booth will get a facelift, from the bottom up. Many exhibitors choose a couple of colors of our multi-purpose mats to coordinate with their company colors for a thoroughly put-together look. The mats don’t take attention away from your product, but meld seamlessly into the booth, helping you to showcase your pitch and your product.

Wood grain EVA mats for the trade show are another option that elevates the elegance and appeal of your booth. Imagine all the potential customers and contacts who’ve been trudging along for hours on the concrete floor of the exhibition hall. When they step into your booth, thinking it’s covered in a hardwood floor, they’ll be shocked and pleasantly surprised to feel 3/8″ of EVA foam beneath their feet. Chances are, they’ll linger a little longer because you’ve given them an oasis in the exhibition jungle. And the classy look of the wood grain mats gives your product a little more class in itself. Think of the mats as the picture frame for your business portrait. Classy, comfortable, and welcoming.

All of our EVA foam mats are lightweight and low-maintenance. Snap them together and take them apart in minutes, toss them into a shoulder carrying bag, and you’re done. No trade show booth foundation is simpler or more affordable. And that’s something you can feel good about.